What does WOD mean in CrossFit?

What does WOD mean in CrossFit?

What is WOD in CrossFit? You might have heard WOD used in CrossFit if you are just starting your CrossFit Journey, or if you’re looking for more information about Crossfit.


WOD stands for Workout of the Day


Crossfit.com offers a unique program that posts a new workout every day. WOD is the current CrossFit workout or your local box.


Check out the Workout of the Day or Today’s WOD here. You can find more CrossFit definitions like SLIPS here.


What makes WODs so important for CrossFit?


CrossFit workouts are constantly changing, as is CrossFit’s nature. One day you might do a long run, while the next you might be doing heavy powerlifting and then the next you might be doing gymnastics.


CrossFit’s training method prepares athletes for anything. It prepares them to be strong enough to do any job, be able to hike at weekends, or be a single mom running around picking up her children.


What’s in a CrossFit WOD, you ask?


CrossFit workouts typically include 3 elements: Warm up, Strength or Skill, and the Workout.


Warm ups prepare athletes for any strength, skill, or workout. The Warm Up would increase the heart rate, activate mobility, and muscle activation in order to prepare the athlete. If the strength portion of the workout includes a bench press, or if the bench press is part of the workout, the warm-up will include chest stretches, chest activation, and push ups to increase the heart rate.


The WOD’s strength and skill section will be focused on one movement. This is to build strength in the movement or improve the skill. This could be a compound lift that builds strength to lift heavy weights or a gymnastic skill athletes can improve.


The CrossFit WOD’s workout section will be focused on increasing cardiovascular capacity and endurance in a time domain that is variable. It can also include the many movements in CrossFit.

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