Workout Ideas

Workout Ideas

5 Workout Ideas for People Who Hate Working Out

In the last decade, the phrase “Fitness Freaks” has practically become accepted as a new religion. The word has become so common that it has earned the status of an unofficial but commonly used adjective, appearing in everything from dating app biographies to Facebook groups and Whatsapp forwards. However, I have a query. What about the rest of us? You know, the couch potatoes, binge-watchers, nappers, and snackers who eat all day?

This question arises in the wake of a plethora of at-home exercise videos, Youtube workout tips, and web publications outlining workout routines. The majority of the fitness information on the inverse appeals to people who enjoy or have an interest in the activity. But, as a lifelong (and most likely founding) member of the “we despise exercise” club, I demand to know what our options are. Does my gym rivalry suggest that my body will not get the workout it requires?

1. Watch YouTube choreography videos to learn dance routines.

There is a Youtube choreography video for every popular song. Spending some time learning one of these dance routines might be a great way to get some exercise without feeling like it’s a chore. You can also search at basic level choreography videos online if you’re not sure about your dance abilities. Another method to make your workout more enjoyable is to call your friends and practise your moves with them via video conference call.

2. Rope Jump

Jumping rope is one of the most underappreciated activities that is also a fantastic calorie burner. A 5-minute skipping workout burns far more calories than a brisk walk around the block. Jumping rope is a pleasant sport that will get your heart pounding and you won’t dread every minute of it, especially if you dislike cardio like I do. It’s also a basic activity that even the most inexperienced exercisers may try without investing in any gym equipment other than a skipping rope.

3. Use an app to learn yoga

If you believe yoga will be the same as going to the gym, you’re dead wrong! Yoga is about focusing your attention, clearing your mind, and preserving inner equilibrium, which is more than just physical activity. Yoga is also a broad umbrella term that encompasses a diverse range of forms. If you’re new to yoga, start with a more relaxed style like Pranayama or Hatha. We won’t go into detail about the multiple benefits of practising yoga because they have already been addressed extensively both online and offline. But my particular favourite aspect of a yoga regimen is that you leave feeling calm, rather than drained, as I did when I left the gym.

4. Try Hula Hooping

Hooping is a great workout that works your entire body and tones your belly while still being a lot of fun. Hula hooping is a workout that has been shown to help people tone their core, lose weight, and burn calories while having a blast. Not only that, but it also helps with flexibility, posture, and balance. All you need is a good quality hoop, preferably one that is weighted to your liking. What’s next? Turn up the volume and go hooping!

5. Set a Climbing Stairs Record with a Sibling

Or a record for “who can hold the longest plank.” Or even a “who can do the most pushups” competition. When motivation fails, competition can be used to motivate you to do something.

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