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WODDING With Friends

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“Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?” — Brennan Huff

“Yup!” — Dale Doback


Like a line out of Step Brothers, partner WODs can start off just the same.  When you come in on Saturday morning and see that partner WOD written on the board, you immediately start eyeing up the class, looking for your workout friend.  “Do you wanna be partners?” “DUH, I thought you’d never ask.”  Even though the workout is still challenging, for some reason it just seems easier to WOD with a friend.  Here’s why:

1. You 100% cannot let your friend down, so you push harder.  Maybe you bang out 10 more reps than you usually would or row faster than your casual pace, just so you don’t keep your friend waiting.  Psychologically, the thought of having someone waiting on you pushes you to be faster.  It’s usually during this time where you bump up that intensity level.

2. Quitting is not an option.  You don’t want to be “that guy” who quits on his team.  So that feeling of wanting to stop and take a rest is usually swallowed when working out with a friend.

3. The WOD is actually enjoyable.  Sometimes, just seeing those movements on the board – especially the ones you hate – mentally takes you out of the workout.  But, when you have a partner to workout with and become responsible for finishing only part of those reps, it can make the workout feel less like you want to murder the coach for programming burpees and wallballs back to back.

“Did we just become best friends?”

Obvs.  Shared and collective suffering in the WOD drives people together.  It’s a great way to create a bond with others in the gym and drive you to success in the workout.