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What your refrigerator says about you

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When you open the doors of your fridge, what you’re looking at is the inside of your body. And for some of us that could be a scary thought.

When you open the door, what do you see? Do you stare inside your fridge for minutes at a time waiting for something to jump out at you? Hoping for a snack to fix your cravings? Most people, if asked to name all the items in their refrigerator, would probably not be able to do so, and that is the first of many problems.

On a typical week, many Americans go food shopping one time a week. And because we live in a society where we are overworked we tend to rush some of the most important aspects of our life, and food shopping is one of them. I like to refer to the one week food shoppers as, “commercial food shopping”. And unfortunately a lot of us fall into this catergory.  Buying large quantities of frozen food,  cheap ready to eat meals, and foods that are seemingly easy to prepare are the primary purchases. Very little fresh produce is purchased, for two main reasons that ive come across, the first,” im not sure what ill be making” or, ” it’ll just go bad by the time i find a use for it”.

On a given week, I usually visit my grocery store 2-4 times a week, depending on what we plan on preparing. Now while some of you couldn’t fathom dealing with the crowds at the grocery store multiple days a week,i’m here to tell you, it’s just the opposite. Because, you’re keeping less food in your fridge day to day, the amount of time spent at the store is less and less. On top of less time spent overall, you’ll have a tendency to also keep more fresh produce, that’ll be not wasted day to day.  Finally, you’ll most assuredly, be spending less money, overall, because you’ll be eating fresher more nutrient dense food, that will keep you full longer, than buying sugary food products that promote you to eat more, and stay hungry longer.

So my question to you, what does your refrigerator say about you?