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Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow While Prepping for the Open WODs

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And the next Open WOD is…..

Insert cheer or disdain for whatever Castro just announced.  Either way – like it or not – you’re doing the WOD.  But there’s no reason to go in blindly and wing it.  There’s some great information out there to help you prepare your strategy when approaching the Open WODs.  Here are some noteworthy insta accounts to check out prior to hitting the WOD:

1. @beyondthewhiteboard – use this when looking for preliminary data of the Open.

2. @train_ftw – brought to you by Matt Chan, this account helps to break down each movement in the open, analyzing some of the strategy, as well as provide data for the approximate time for some of the movements.  For 18.1, the average time for cal row based on split time was provided in a chart to be used for planning purposes.

3. @nicole.carroll – a true CF OG, Nicole Carroll provides some of the first tips to get through the Open WOD.

4. @romwod – a must when trying to stay swole and flexy leading into your Open WOD

5.  @cfgymnastics – this account does a great job of breaking down complex gymnastics movements.  Not only does it provide tips for efficiency and speed, but also for improving technique.

Whether this is your first Open or your 5th, take the time to treat each WOD like you’re going for first place.  Listen to your coaches, watch videos, visit these accounts…and have fun.