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Starting a Nutrition Program…And Sticking to It

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With the first glimpse of spring comes the thought of summer.  Yearning for those hot, sweaty days at the gym, wodding outside and feeling that sun.  But then the side panic sets in – “I’m so not ready to take my shirt off, I don’t have abs, blah blah. Wait, I’ll just do a cleanse, drop 20lbs really quick and lose all my strength but I’ll be shred city.”  WRONG.

I titled this post “Starting a Nutrition Program” and not “Starting a Diet” because the word diet has such a negative connotation. It implies a quick fix.  But we’re not about the quick fix; we’re about the long term health.  Just as your progress at the gym involves work and dedication to see measurable strength, endurance and technical outcomes, so does nutrition.  So as we roll into Whole30, here are a few suggestions to get you guys into a mindset of lifestyle and not diet.

  1.  You will not die if you remove certain processed foods from your diet, despite popular belief. “I can’t live without pasta omg.” “No bread? Put me in the grave.” Instead of thinking “I can’t,” start thinking “what else?.”  When you remove the negative from your thought process, you remove the potential for failure.
  2. Going out to eat and ordering healthy won’t make you a loser.  There’s always a lot of concern around going out to eat or eating at a function such as a wedding or birthday.  Here’s the deal: do the best you can.  Order the option that will allow you to still participate in the fun of being out, but won’t set you back from the progress you’ve made.
  3. Cheaters gonna cheat. We’re all human, mistakes happen and you want to be “#livingmybestlife.” If you decide to make a conscious decision to eat outside of your new lifestyle, aka cheat, just be aware that it only affects your progress and not anyone else.  How’s that for guilt?

Here’s the deal.  We’re instilling this nutrition program to bring health to the forefront.  When you eat healthy, your body responds to it.  You’re workouts have more energy, your body composition changes, you decrease the risk for food related illness (diabetes, high cholesterol, etc).  Approach your new way of eating with an open mind, understand that you can make better choices and that the outcome of your decisions affect your personal goals directly.