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Maria’s Whole30 Perspective

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Embarking on a 30 day nutrition challenge isn’t always the easiest.  There’s a lot of fear and doubt that goes into it: Will I be successful? Can I really do this? How will I survive without my favorite sweets?  But that’s what makes it a challenge – and what makes completing the challenge feel like a huge personal win.  I asked one or our members, Maria,  a few questions regarding the Whole30 challenge.  Read below…and be sure to check out her before and after picture;)

Q. What did you like best about Whole30?

A. How I slept better and had more energy throughout the day without feeling exhausted.  

Q. What were the biggest challenges?

A. Whenever I’m stressed I want chocolate. So one of the most challenging parts was not being tempted by the vending machine at work and trying to figure out a healthier alternative to handling that stress.  Another challenge was trying to figure out what to order if I went out for lunch/dinner or to grandma’s house.

Q. What did you learn from eating a whole30 based diet?
A. I learned to see food differently and to focus on the types of food I can have as opposed to focusing on what I wasn’t allowed to have on the Whole30.  At first I was unsure about what to eat and just having steamed veggies and plain chicken but Ive learned how you can easily make minor changes to what you would normally eat to make it Whole30 acceptable.
Q. Favorite meal you learned to make while on Whole30?

A. Brussels sprouts with chopped up bacon

Q. What’s your plan moving forward nutrition wise?

A. To try ketogenic diet