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Learning The False Grip

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“My wrists hurt!”

We get it…learning the false grip sucks.  It’s painful on your wrists and most likely you get ripped up.  BUT how else are you supposed to achieve that muscle-up goal without practice? ***Edit: the correct practice.

Breaking down the muscle-up into components has helped all of us in the gym.  Taking a very complex and strength-oriented skill and scaling down the individual steps enables us to understand the progression of getting into the dip position at the top of the rings.  But at the very root of the muscle-up, we have false grip.  We’ve been crushing the false grip practice: false grip body rows, false grip body row to dip transition, and even false grip pull-ups.  By now we all know how to hold false grip, but do we actually understand what false grip is??

False grip places the palm of the hand and part of the wrist directly on top of the ring, making the transition into the dip position much easier.  Although it may seem way more difficult to get used to than a standard grip, starting in the false grip will set our hands into the dip position from the start.



So how do we build our false grip strength?  PRACTICE!!! Check out this video link below for a few tips on how to get comfortable and stronger in the false grip.




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