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How to Combat the Post-workday Mental Fatigue during your Workouts

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Did you ever get off of the train or bus, or arrive at the gym after sitting in an hour’s worth of traffic and think…”how am I supposed to squat a 1 rep max and then do Cindy?”  The mere thought of even changing is daunting, let alone actually move weight.  We’ve all experienced these feelings at some point, yet still we push through because we know the importance of our workouts.  Below are some tips to get you over the post-workday hump and ready for your workouts.

  1. Avoid scrolling social media.  It’s so tempting just to aimlessly scroll through instagram or snapchat, thinking that it’s brainless, thoughtless work.  However, scrolling through social media is draining and sometimes irritating. By the time you arrive at the gym, the little energy that you had was just absorbed into social media
  2. Hydrate and get some calories.  Chances are you haven’t eaten since lunchtime and now it’s closer to 7 or 8pm.  In the morning, pack a snack that you can have after work, on the way to the gym (make sure it has some carbs and protein).  Also make sure you drink water during your commute to hydrate for your workout.
  3. Stay mindful. Take a few minutes just to be present. Don’t check your email, worry about the project you handed in or what you’re making for dinner.  Literally just be in the moment, take a breath and rejuvenate your mind so you can focus on the tough tasks during the workout.

I get it, sometimes the trek to the gym after work can be the most stressful part of the day.  But it’s important to realize that a negative day can negatively affect your workout – something that you’re doing to better yourself.  So remember to calorie up, be present and avoid that social media rabbit hole in order to combat mental fatigue and increase the outcome of your workout.