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Ed-U-Kay-Shun the CrossFit Way

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With the vast amounts of resources available to us via the social world, it’s almost a sin if a coach isn’t keeping their training knowledge updated.  It’s often done behind the scenes, with subscriptions to newsletters and various blogs and instagram follows (just ask Coach Paul and Coach Taf – they find the BEST accessory training work to help the members and themselves as athletes).  But sometimes, we spend our weekends at certifications, workshops or seminars to get the hands on training that will provide the best possible coaching experience for you as the client.  At A.C.T. we have Level 1 AND Level 2 trainers (along with other various certifications), but what does that mean??

L1 provides an introduction to the CrossFit methodology and foundational movements.  Think On Ramp for coaches.  It’s where we learn our baseline knowledge of the sport of fitness.

L2 can only be achieved by having a current L1, plus real-time coaching hours within a facility.  At the L2, we spend the weekend getting picked apart as coaches.  We teach a movement to a group of other CrossFit coaches, while getting observed by some of the best CrossFit HQ staff in the business – it’s not nerve racking at all (insert sarcasm).  We then get feeback – both good and bad – on how we can improve as coaches.  It’s a lot of work that requires some thick skin, but in the end it only makes us better for the gym.

At A.C.T. we have FOUR L2 trainers.  Plus, Bill was once on the CrossFit HQ training staff, conducting these certifications; at on point he was the one giving feedback to all types of coaches.  So to sum it up, you are in great coaching hands and we look forward to teaching you everything we learn!