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5 CrossFit Workouts You’ll Actually Have Fun Doing – via Men’s Journal

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Lot's of on-lookers like to describe us CrossFitters as members of a cult.  Yea, ok, so we like CrossFit workouts that put our bodies through pain and suffering...But these WODs are actually fun.  Check out Jess Murden's suggestion for a "fun" CrossFit workout in this Men's Journal feature.

3 Reasons Why Being Basic This Fall Can Help You Stay Fit

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The "Basic" starter pack includes: Uggs, North Face zip-up, leggings (preferably lululemon) and of course, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It seems like everything is pumpkin: candles, waffles, yogurt, literally everything in Trader Joe's.  But aside from the social satire of pumpkins and basics, there are actually some great health benefits…