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4 Tips to Getting Back into Your Workout Regimen

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Remember last year, when you said you’d take off just one week from the gym…just to give your body a rest and catch up on some things around the house?  Remember…last year?!  It happens: one week turns into two, turns into one month and before you know it, all of the progress you’ve made has slipped away.  This seems to be a common occurrence, however, as life changes, kids happen, money becomes tight.  These aren’t excuses, but truths.  I’ve seen it happen all too many times to people who’ve worked so hard to shed 25lbs or hit that squat personal best.  Eventually though, it’s time to “get back into it:” the most dreaded part of any fitness program.  The first thing to do is recognize these fears and understand how to combat them.  Read on.

  1.  I’m going to be too sore! Well of course you are!  Your muscles are waking up after all of that time off.  Understand that soreness is part of the journey and is common during any stage of training.  Stay hydrated to help combat the soreness.
  2. I’m definitely going to get hurt.  Let’s be real: there’s always the potential to get hurt while doing something physical.  But just because you’ve been off for a while doesn’t mean that injury is inevitable.  If you have the right training facility and coaches that hone in on proper skills and perfect form, you’ll remain injury free while building back up to where you want to be.
  3. My coach is going to push me beyond my limits. As a coach, it’s their job to guide you, keep you safe, teach you and push you.  Good coaches know the difference between slacking off and really being exhausted.  Trust that your coach only wants the best for you and will get you to your ultimate goal.
  4. My ego says yes but my body says no. When starting your regiment again, recognize that your best mile time or heaviest squat might not happen on the first day.  Scale back and let your body take time to adjust.  You’ll get back to your pre-rest body before you know it.

Transitioning back a lifestyle of fitness will undoubtedly take some time to get used to.  But don’t let these common fears prevent you from being active.  Get yourself over the hump, and your transition will be smooth, safe and fun.