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3 Ways to Maintain Health and Fitness While Traveling

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Remember those two months prior to vacation, when you were hitting the gym everyday, watching your caloric intake and making better choices all around? You had laser focus on the goal: look good on vacation. Now fast forward to your departure date; you’ve already had two drinks at the airport and purchased $50 worth of in-flight snacks, essentially unraveling all of your hard work because at this very moment you are #livingyourbestlife. But, health and fitness doesn’t have to be put on the back burner during vacation. Here are a few tips to maintain your sense of self, but still enjoy your time off.

  1. Hit a quick workout as soon as you wake up. Once you start the day, you’re less likely to come back to the hotel to workout, especially after a long day of touring, sunning and eating. Do a workout as soon as you wake-up that will take less than 15 minutes. You’ll get your heart rate pumping, burn some calories and get those endorphins flowing. Check out this list of travel workouts that can be performed without equipment or with minimal hotel gym equipment.
  2. Avoid indulging at the buffet breakfast. Most hotels offer a free breakfast or breakfast buffet. It’s easy to rack up lots of unnecessary calories before 9am on foods you wouldn’t normally eat. So before you load up the plate with muffins, bacon and that random assortment of cheese, think about what you really, really need and save some of those calories for throughout the day.
  3. Walk where ever you can. Use your legs to your advantage and explore that new city. Not only will you accumulate some mileage and stay active for the day, but you’ll also stumble upon some hidden gems you would have missed if you had taken that uber.

Vacation doesn’t have to reverse all of your hard work in the gym. Of course, treat yourself, you deserve it; but be mindful of staying semi on-track so when you get home, you can head right back into that gym routine without a problem.