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3 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For The Open

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It’s Open season!!! Every year around the end of January, buzz regarding the CrossFit Open starts to pop-up on social media.  For us seasoned vets, we shutter at the thought of re-doing 16.5 for a third time.  But for some of you new to the CrossFit world, we have to educate you on what the Open actually is.  In short, the CrossFit Open is a worldwide competition that filters CrossFit athletes regionally.  The top scorers in the Open move onto the Regionals and the top scorers in the Regionals go to the Games.  Workouts are released weekly for five weeks.  Each athlete performs the workout at their local affiliate, where there reps are counted by a judge/coach and then validated on the CrossFit Open website.

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not ready.” FALSE. You are 100% ready.  And here’s why:

  1. The Open teaches you something about your training.  Even though there are rx and scaled divisions, the movements must be performed as listed.  So that muscle-up you’ve been wanting all year…yea…you have to TRY.  You can’t skip the movement or scale it down, you have to TRY.  And if you can’t get it, you go back to the drawing board with your training and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE those muscle-ups.  The CrossFit Open points out both strengths and weaknesses in our training, so look at it as a good benchmark for progress.
  2. It fosters positive competition.  When 17.1 gets released, the nerves will start; you’ll wonder why you let your coach talk you into this.  The first couple of people in the gym do the workout and then suddenly it’s your turn.  The workout is challenging and it beats you up, but after, as you’re laying on your back breathing heavily, you think, “damn, if only I did three more reps I could have beaten (insert name).”  When the next heat goes, you’re up on your feet cheering loudly for your gym mate, telling them to do JUST 1 MORE REP even if you know it’s going to beat your score.  That’s what positive competition is, fighting hard and supporting hard.  It makes the gym alive with energy.
  3. Because WHY NOT? It’s literally just a workout. Chances are we will make you do it anyway, so just do it. There’s no reason to say you aren’t good enough or maybe you’ll sign up next year.  Just do the workout, learn something and have fun with it.

Open season is upon us, see you on the scoreboard!

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